Saturday, 4 October 2014

Autumn Rain

Today was my 4 year anniversary with my wonderful hairy man face. We didn't do much. But one thing I had been desperate to do for some time now was take some photographs. It feels like forever since I actually took my fancy camera out and snapped some beautiful images. It was raining so I couldn't shoot as much as I would have liked, but on the bright side the rain adds a beautiful touch to these images in my opinion.

I hope you like them. For those who want to know I use a Canon 7D and shot these using an EF-S 18-135mm lens on manual focus. The final images have barley been touched. On a couple I tweaked the brightness, vibrance and contrast ever so slightly, but that is all. I also have footage of most of this which will be in a day in the life of video  on my YouTube channel in a week or so :)


Friday, 8 August 2014

Dr Organic's Cruelty Free 'Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner' Review

I was only supposed to be popping to the shops for one thing; but before I knew it I was in Holland & Barrett buying shampoo, conditioner and a dairy free ice cream alternative. (Booja-Booja 'Hunky Punky Chocolate' - Which was delicious by the way!)

I had been meaning to buy some cruelty free, nourishing shampoo and conditioner for some time now; for the past 6 months I have mostly been using up the countless bottles I had accumulated while living with my family. Having used Dr Organic's products before and loved them, I knew immediately they would be the brand I would try. There were several options, but my soft spot for Argan Oil led me to predictably buy these two.

Please note that there are more ingredients than what is listed in the 'bio-active, natural and organic ingredients' list. Other ingredients are listed at the bottom of the bottle.    

They were £5.99 each for 265ml. Which feels worryingly pricey when you have long hair and are holding this small bottle approaching the till. Though they aren't extremely expensive when compared to some products from brands like Pantene or Tresemme, though you may get more product. At most it will be a few pounds more, but the difference in product quality more than makes up for that in my opinion. These Dr Organic shampoo and conditioners are free from parabens, artificial colours, fragrances, harsh preservatives and SLS (A synthetic detergent - makes bubbles!)

The bottles are easy to open and the product comes out without much effort; which was a delight as I have spent far too much time upside down with my hair in the bath straining to open lids! You'd be forgiven for thinking both products would be orange (embarrassingly, the packaging fooled me) but the shampoo is clear and the conditioner white. They both smell beautiful in my opinion; there is a spicy, exotic kind of tang to both which I love.

Amount left after one use.
The shampoo froths up nicely with little product, which is a huge plus for me considering that the bottles are only 265ml. It left my hair feeling squeaky clean. Almost too clean; I'm sure a lot of you will know what I mean by that squeaky super clean feeling that makes your wet hair almost feel dry. It doesn't feel particularly pleasant to me, but I my main priority isn't how nice it feels during washing. All was immediately forgiven once I used the conditioner however. Again, a small amount of product (when compared to what I have to use usually) covered all my hair and it was blissful. Perhaps it was just the contrast between the stiff, clean post shampoo hair that made this feel extra silky, but oh my goodness. My hair felt almost plump and squishy, and I massaged this in for longer than I probably needed to. It was such a beautiful feeling I was just enjoying myself at that point! Rinsing the product my hair felt silky and light; for the purposes of this review I used no post washing oils or sprays and simply towel dried my hair, combed through with a wide tooth comb and left to dry naturally.

My hair felt gorgeous. Silky, clean and shiny! I suffer from dry skin around the front of my scalp near my fringe, it's at it's worst straight after washing and drying my hair; however using these left me with the smallest amount of dry skin I've had in a long time. My hair felt slightly more voluminous than usual, and 3 days after washing (using no products at any point) still felt soft and clean. 

They need not be used as your everyday shampoo and conditioner if you want to make them last longer. They are a little expensive when considering the amount of product you get; however I have paid more money for high end hair care products that did not impress me as much as these. 

Thanks for reading!

*Everyone is different and so you may not have the same experience with these as I did. 
This is just my honest thoughts on them.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lara's Day Off

This is an every day outfit I threw on to go to the post office. I'm forever conflicted as to if I want to wear a laid back, grunge look; or a pretty, pastel floral one. So often I combine the two. The top, backpack and glasses were all inspired by the British badass that is Lara Croft. 

Necklace: Little Doe
Grey Vest: BooHoo
Mint Cardigan: BooHoo
Floral Trousers: (Old) Matalan


Friday, 30 May 2014

Space Shuttles & Bunny Rabbits

Due to owning my own jewellery business I rarely accept to promote goods for other jewellery companies. When I was contacted by Eclectic Eccentricity however, I just had to make an exception. Their jewellery has a unique, elegant yet unusual style and there is not one thing on their website that I wouldn't wear myself. 
I'm a massive geek when it comes to space, so I was absolutely delighted when they sent me an adorable gold space shuttle necklace!

This cute bunny top is my favourite item of the pieces kindly sent to me by ROMWE. I'm a size 14/16 and find it difficult fitting into some of ROMWE's tops, this one fits beautifully however! 

I put together some Little Doe 'Gold Fawn Plugs' for myself; as they're a personal faveourite of mine.

Also from ROMWE; these green trousers are technically too small for me, though I can wear them after a bit of a struggle! I ordered size 'L', and feel they would better fit a size 12-14. But ignoring the fact that they don't like my hips very much, I love them. I think I'll be adding more trousers of this style to my wardrobe in future!

(My shoes are a very old pair from New Look)

Links to the brands featured can be found below!


Space Shuttle Necklace | Eclectic Eccentricity 
Bunny Top & Green Pants | ROMWE
Gold Fawn Plugs | Little Doe 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Shooting HMS Latex with Maja Stina

On Tuesday April 8th I traveled to Cambridge to visit my talented friend, Maja Stina; hang out and snap some photos! We had two beautiful dresses sent from HMS Latex to shoot and then planned to just go with the flow and take some beauty/experimental images if we had time. Which fortunately we did!

As we settled down to do our make up and have a chat a groceries delivery man knocked on the door; Maja had to answer with nothing on her face but bright red eyebrows. Which gave us a bit of a giggle. And hopefully made his morning more interesting!

First, Maja kindly helped shine up my butt! Then had a play around with my hair (hair down just wasn't working) and we shot the HMS Latex 'Riding Snaffle Dress' - £219.98

The second dress I had shot once before; but it seemed a shame not to shoot it together while we had it! This is one of my personal faveourites of all the items HMS Latex has sent me; fit like a dream and worked with my apple body shape beautifully. The HMS Latex 'Lush Dress' - £169.22

As well as being a talented photographer, model and make up artist; Maja is also a latex designer. So next up I photographed her wearing a new creation of hers! Maja had the idea of adding some drops of tattoo ink to a bath; which looked incredible! 

After inky bath fun we shot some hair swooshes and experimental-blurry-awesome-weirdness! Both of which usually results in dozens of useless derp photos; but every now and then you get something awesome.

Shooting with Maja is always so much fun. First and foremost it feels like spending time with a friend; the fact that we can be creative together and make cool images is just the cherry on the cake.

HMS Latex recently announced that the company will be closing down to move on to new ventures. I would just like to say to Sophie and Clementine (the ladies behind the latex) that I wish you all the best in the future and am thankful to have worked with such lovely, talented people.

Thanks for reading! 
Links to everyone mentioned can be found below :)


Scarlet Saint: Modelling | Photography | YouTube
Maja Stina: FaceBook | Latex Shop | YouTube
HMS Latex: WebsiteFaceBook | Etsy


On May 17th Alex and I left for a 7 day holiday in Lanzarote with his parents. 
(All inclusive I might add! Which was bloody lovely!)  

The day before leaving I had my nails done by the lovely Fern of Ciao Bella Beauty. I met Fern a few years back when she was my make up artist on a shoot. She's lovely and so talented; if you live in the Suffolk area I highly recommend this lady! (She can travel to you too which is so handy!) I knew I wanted some kind of Aztec inspired nail art but had no specific idea what. Fern arrived and we looked through some inspiration photos together for ideas; I chose the design and after some painful pondering finally chose my colours! I adore the nails; and didn't realize for some time that I'd actually chosen all the colours of my brand new bee tattoo! It was a total coincidence I swear :D

I'm not the best with flying. But my first time flying with no anxiety medication actually went okay. And once the fear of taking off is over I'm far too distracted by the beautiful clouds and views to pay much attention to anything else.

Our hotel was beautiful. It reminded me of an old building reclaimed by nature over the years. There are vines hanging down from every floor, a huge lake next to the indoor bar and trees, bushes and vines everywhere you look!

The line in the floor you see just behind the sofa is a ring which goes around the entire bar. This whole section of the floor slowly rotates. How cool is that?!

Tequila Sunrise. Ahh :) When they're done just right these may just be my faveourite cocktails.

Every other evening we went to a bar opposite our hotel. It was a karaoke bar; which Alex and his dad love! (Nooope, I didn't sing!) Upon entry we got free shots, then drinks were super cheap and 2 for 1 until midnight! The first night that we went resulted in me being (pardon my language, but I'm not sure how else to word this and still convey the extent of my drunkeness) absolutely off my f***ing tits. The entire next day was spent recovering. Still; here are some nice photos of my look that night from before the horror began!

Pina Colda....mmm hmmm :p

We rarely watched the entertainment in the hotel, though one evening there was a magician. Alex had said from the day we got there that he would only be interested in the entertainment if there was some magic, so the lucky boy got his wish! When we finished dinner and went to watch the show all the seats had been taken already. I grabbed a blanked from our room and we sat on the floor of the reception area which overlooked the entertainment below. It was and incredible show and we had an awesome view!

The day before we left Alex and I went on a tour of the island. This was probably the most enjoyable day for me. We started at 8am and finished at 6pm; so it was long and sometimes tiring, but so worth it.

Our first stop was a high point of Lanzarote to see an amazing view. The was a small cafe there and the tour guide advised us to try some of the famous palm tree and cinnamon liquer available there. And we did. And my mouth went a bit numb before I could even finish it! 

Our next stop was Jameos del Agua. This has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

At one point I mumbled something to Alex about it being difficult to get good photographs; to our surprise a lovely old man then came up behind us and asked if we would like him to take a photo of us together. He was really sweet and later came up to talk to me about his daughters tattoos after spotting mine!

Next up was wine tasting! Which was fun but not really my thing. I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to wine, anything too sweet or dry and my face does weird things when I sip it!

Outside the wine tasting location was a shop and a cactus or two. I was snapping photos of the cactus when I noticed some weird markings on it. Up close I found that this cactus was covered in messages; mostly from other tourists, that had been cut and scratched into it!

Some strange green things in the shop. I took a photo of these because I couldn't stop giggling after they made me think of that bit in 'Blackadder'! "...a nugget of purest green!"

I was deeply tempted by this necklace; but I resisted. 

We spotted a group of Camels; that were usually giving tourists rides; resting as we entered the lava fields. We made a quick stop to stroke them and have some snaps taken with them.

Unfortunately my phone died at this moment in our tour. But check out my video of the holiday and you can see some more of what we saw that day! The lava fields were incredible. Truly one of the most spectacular locations I have ever seen.

Thought I'd include a quick shot of my nails at the end of my holiday. I'm so impressed with how long they have lasted with only minimal chipping! 

Our holiday was beautiful. And so was the UK when we arrived back today. 
As much as I love to travel, it's also lovely to be home.